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This leasing and renting page has been specially created with leasers and renters in mind. This page will help to clear up some misconceptions about leasing and renting. People can confuse leasing and renting as being the same thing but they are different, this difference is covered briefly in the first article.

Use this page as a resource it should have a few different things that you need to know as a leaser/renter, but if you have any more question feel free to reach out. If you want to start you apartment hunt feel free to reach out for apartment locating services. We will cut your apartment hunting time in half and we will not stop till we find something that you love. Contact us today if your interested in our apartment locating services.

The Difference Between Lease and Rental Agreement

What is a lease?

A lease gives the tenant the right to live in a dwelling for a fixed time period which is usually 12 months, but it could be almost any length ranging from 3 months to 24 months or longer. Through a lease, the tenant and landlord mutually agree to fixed terms and conditions, such as the rent, rules regarding pets, duration of the agreement, subletting, etc. Neither party can change the agreement without written consent from the other party. A lease is mutually beneficial. A tenant cannot stop paying rent or vacate the property during the lease term, and the landlord cannot force the tenant to move. All of this would be against the lease agreement.

Things Every First-Time Renter Needs to Know

Renters insurance recommended

There is no law that requires you to have renter’s insurance, however, some landlords can require renters’ insurance as a stipulation of the lease agreement. Now some people might ask what exactly is renters’ insurance? Renters insurance is similar to homeowners’ insurance, it protects the property in case of emergency. If a flood sweeps through the building or a fire damages your unit, renters’ insurance will cover the cost of your belongings. So, although it is not always required it is definitely recommended.

The Steps Within The Leasing Process

  1. Fill out a rental application: You can reach out to the property that you are interested in or you can hire an apartment locator to find the type of property you want, and they will reach out to the property management and get the lease application for you. For some properties, the lease application is online.
  2. Pay the apartment application fee: The application fee funds the credit and background checks that are run on you. The fee can vary depending on various factors like the area, the building, or even the landlord. In some cases, the application fee is accompanied by processing fees, so you might want to ask the property manager about the applicable fees that are associated with the application process. You can also ask the property manager which fees are refundable just in case you decide to go with another apartment at the last minute. 

Apartment Location Services

What does an Apartment Locator do?

An apartment locator helps renters find rental properties that meet their needs. A rental locator helps you cut down on your work as a renter, you tell them what you’re looking for and they will send you properties that meet your criteria. They help you evaluate the terms of the lease and help you make informed decisions. The rental locator makes the calls to the properties to see what apartments are available.

What information should you provide to an apartment locator?

In order for an apartment locator to find you an apartment is if you give them specific criteria. By providing these criteria the locating service can quickly narrow the field down to a list of suitable choices for you.

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