Apartment Location Services

What does an Apartment Locator do? 

An apartment locator helps renters find rental properties that meet their needs. A rental locator helps you cut down on your work as a renter, you tell them what you’re looking for and they will send you properties that meet your criteria. They help you evaluate the terms of the lease and help you make informed decisions. The rental locator makes the calls to the properties to see what apartments are available. 

What information should you provide to an apartment locator?

In order for an apartment locator to find you an apartment is if you give them specific criteria. By providing these criteria the locating service can quickly narrow the field down to a list of suitable choices for you. The more detailed you are with your request the more it can help the search, you should list your ideal location, amenities, size, parking, price range, square footage, etc. If you have needs that must be accommodated (special needs) then your agent will speak to the potential landlords to make sure that an apartment is suitable and able to accommodate these needs. This can include things like handicapped accessibility, to pets, to background checks. 

What is the advantage of having an apartment locator?

An apartment locator can help you to cut the time you spend hunting for apartments in half. Apartment locators also do not typically charge for their services. They also have a wide array of knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods, this can help you to avoid thinking that you found the perfect apartment without actually having all of the facts about the area. Apartment locators’ goal is to find you an apartment that you love, and a space that feels right for you.

At BMarie realty we provide apartment locating services, our agents Caleb and, Corbin Harvey (who are pictured below) specialize in apartment locating. They will help you through the leasing process by finding apartments that fit the criteria you give them, they will schedule times to go view the apartment with the property manager, and they will use their expertise about the area to help you find your perfect apartment. If you are interested in these services contact us!