This page has been specially created by the BMarie teams with sellers in mind. This page should help you to answer some questions you have about the selling process.

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Avoid These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Setting an unrealistic price:

Setting the right asking price is the key to selling your house. The buyer’s agent usually does a comparative market analysis to determine a fair offering price, so it is advised that you as the seller do the same to determine a fair asking price. Overpriced homes generally do not sell. You should not worry about setting a price that is on the low side because usually, it generates multiple offers, which bids the price up to the home’s actual market value. This can be a good strategy to generate extra interest in your listing, and if an offer is way too low you can always refuse it. 

The 6 Steps of the Home Selling Process 

Find the right listing agent: finding the agent that you feel like you can work well with and that will be helpful through the home selling process is crucial. You can pick your listing agent today!

Set a listing price: In this step, you usually hire an appraiser to get a professional opinion of what the appropriate price of the house would be. You can also get your agent to do a comparative market analysis, which is a service we offer. Another resource is Zillow’s Zestimate which estimates the market value of your own home and you can find it by searching your address on Zillow.

Pricing your home:

Pricing your home can be a hard thing to do alone, most people hire professionals like appraisers and/ or real estate agents. The first question that you might have is what is a comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis or a CMA is a process your real estate agent performs in order to get a good idea of an appropriate listing price for your home. A CMA is typically a free process that is offered by your listing or buying agent. A CMA evaluates recently sold homes that are similar to yours (these are called comps). Real estate agents gather all of their information from the multiple listings service (MLS), which essentially pools information on all for-sale listings from other agents.

Listing Agent Services 

The first question that you might have is what does a listing agent do?

A listing agent, not to be confused with a selling agent (an agent that helps buyers find new properties), is an agent that markets your property in order to help get the property sold. The listing agent works for the seller they can help you price the home and help you through the home selling process. A lot of people say that buying a home is a big investment, when selling you finally get the opportunity to cash in. There is a lot that goes into the home selling process like marketing, dealing with potential buyers, working through paperwork, staging the home, etc. It can be daunting when you do not have any expertise in real estate, and you don’t what all happens in the home selling process. Therefore, having a listing agent would be advised, because they are experts in the real state industry and have the training, as well as the resources to help make the home selling process significantly easier. A listing agent may even help you get a greater return on your investment. 

Selling Made Simple

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