BMarie offers various services, which are outlined below. If you have more questions check out our buyer, seller, and leasing/renting pages for more information on how each process works. If you are ready to buy, sell, or lease/rent contact us!

Listing Agent

The first question that you might have is what does a listing agent do?

A listing agent, not to be confused with a selling agent (an agent that helps buyers find new properties), is an agent that markets your property in order to help get the property sold. The listing agent works for the seller they can help you price the home and help you through the home selling process. A lot of people say that buying a home is a big investment, when selling you finally get the opportunity to cash in.

At BMarie Realty we know that there is a lot that goes into the home selling process like marketing, dealing with potential buyers, working through paperwork, staging the home, etc. It can be daunting when you do not have any expertise in real estate, and you don’t know what all happens in the home selling process. Therefore, having us as your listing agent would be advised, because we are experts in the real state industry and have the training, as well as the resources to help make the home selling process significantly easier. As listing agents, we may even help you get a greater return on your investment. If you want more general information on listing agents check out our seller’s page! If you want the BMarie Realty team to help you sell your house contact us today!

Comparative Market Analysis

Pricing your home can be a hard thing to do alone, most people hire professionals like real estate agents. The first question that you might have is what is a comparative market analysis. A comparative market analysis or a CMA is a process your real estate agent performs in order to get a good idea of an appropriate listing price for your home. A CMA is typically a free process that is offered by your listing or buying agent.

During a CMA we evaluate recently sold homes that are similar to yours (these are called comps). We gather all of their information from the multiple listings service (MLS), which essentially pools information on all for-sale listings from other agents. Since the MLS is only available to real estate agents, this is what would make selling your own home difficult. When we do a comparative market analysis, we look for homes that are similar to yours in size and features. The CMA lists information on current properties on the market, pending properties, as well as sold and expired properties. The CMA also lists a low, median, and high price for your home as well as an estimated average number of days on the market. Although a CMA is not an exact science, it can get you a pretty accurate result of what a good listing price is. If you want BMarie Realty to conduct a CMA contact us today!

Apartment Location Services

As apartment locators, we help renters/leasees find properties that meet their needs. We cut down on the time you spend searching, by receiving the parameters that you’re looking for and sending you properties that meet your criteria. We help you evaluate the terms of the lease and help you make informed decisions. We also make calls to the properties to see what apartments are available.

What is the advantage of having an apartment locator?

Our apartment locators Caleb and Corbin Harvey can cut the time you spend hunting for apartments, in half. Apartment locators also do not typically charge for their services. Our apartment locators also have a wide array of knowledge of the city’s neighborhoods, this can help you to avoid thinking that you found the perfect apartment without actually having all of the facts about the area. Our apartment locator’s goal is to find you an apartment that you love, and a space that feels right for you.

Buyer’s Agent 

A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent that works directly for the buyer helping them find a property. The first thing we will direct the buyer to do is to get pre-approved, so they can understand what they can afford. We will explain the ins and outs of different neighborhoods, and the pros and cons of each option to help the buyer decide which home is right for them. As your buyer’s agent we will negotiate the offer, we will advise clients on an appropriate price and present it to the seller’s agent. We will help you with filling out your contract, telling you what certain parts of the contract mean and what needs to go where. We can also recommend various other professionals like appraisals, real estate attorneys, inspectors, and even stagers. These are all people that we have worked with in the past and that we can vouch for. We will be able to help you overcome any setbacks. We will help you maneuver through any issues that pop up like if the home inspection shows some issues with the home, we would advise you how to proceed in the transaction and we will also act as a buffer between you and a seller’s agent. If anything unexpected pops up it’s always best to have a real estate agent’s help. Contact us if you want to start your buying process today!

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